Upgrade of the ALICE TPC, the GEM upgrade, Step 2

Coordinating university or institute

Lund University, www.lunduniversity.lu.se



Project description

The exploratory phase of Quark Gluon Plasma Studies with nuclear collisions at LHC is over and focused studies on specific aspects can commence with an upgraded detector with about 100 times higher sensitivity than the baseline ALICE. Step 1 of the upgrade was made in 2015 resulting in a factor 3 larger data rate which allowed to finish the science program planned for the baseline detector 6 years earlier and to take the large upgrade step with another factor 30 increase in sensitivity to be installed 2019-2020. This Involves a major change in the TPC detector technology and all readout electronics has to be replaced. All functionality of a readout chain both analog and digital is now in the same 32 channel ASIC named SAMPA. All circuit boards are new and the readout architecture is changed to have 10000 bidirectional optical links operating at 4.8Gbit/s. Lund University is involved in the SAMPA development and performs robotic testing and calibration of 90000 SAMPA chips for the final circuit board production (which has just started in the US).




Lund University, Physics Department:

  • David Silvermyr, Doctor, Associate Professor, Physicist, detector expert, project leader, software development
  • Anders Oskarsson, Professor, Physicist, detector expert, project leader
  • Lennart Österman, Research Engineer, electronics, electronics design, CAD, quality assurance robotics and automation expert
  • Ulf Mjörnmark, Doctor, Research Engineer, software and data acquisition expert

Core deliverables

  • Characterization and evaluation of SAMPA chip prototypes.
  • Robotic testing and calibration of 90 000 SAMPA chips.
  • Installation and commissioning in ALICE.

Total budget

EUR 450,000


  • Lund University
  • Bergen University
  • Oslo University
  • Sao Paolo University
  • Knoxville University
  • Houston University
  • Orsay University
  • CERN
  • GSI
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Saclay


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Procurement codes

Electronics and radio frequency
Particle and photon detectors

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