Uniaxial Stress Device for Quantum Matter Research

Coordinating university or institute

Chalmers University of Technology, www.chalmers.se



Project description

Quantum matter is a class of materials having great potential for technological applications, ranging from MRIs at hospitals to hard disk drives. Understanding their fundamental properties in various environmental conditions is essential to implement them in our everyday lives. In this regard, a new uniaxial stress device for neutron scattering experiments is being developed for the BIFROST instrument at the future European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund – Sweden. The aim is to explore, with exceptional precision, quantum materials on the molecular level under extreme conditions.




Chalmers University of Technology

  • Yasmine Sassa, Assistant professor, Department of Physics

KTH (Royal Institute of Technology)

  • Martin Månsson, Associate professor, Department of Applied Physics

DTU (Technical University of Denmark) / ESS (European Spallation Source)

  • Rasmus Toft-Petersen, Researcher, ESS and DTU

Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

  • Marc Janoschek, Associate professor,Laboratory for Neutron and Muon Instrumentation (LIN)
  • Gediminas Simutis, Postdoc, Laboratory for Neutron and Muon Instrumentation (LIN)

Core deliverables

Develop and test uniaxial stress device for inelastic neutron scattering experiments. At the end of the developmental period, the goal is to have the pressure device available for users at the BIFROST instrument.

Total budget

EUR 475,000


  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • European Spallation Source
  • Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

Procurement codes

Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

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