High-rate Read-Out Electronics and Data Acquisition System

Coordinating university or institute

Lund University, www.lunduniversity.lu.se



Project description

The novel neutron detectors developed for reflectometry at ESS require dedicated highspeed electronics as well as custom-made dataacquisition (DAQ) software to process and store the record-breaking amount of data produced at such instruments. The SONNIG group of Lund University, in collaboration with the Detector Group of ESS and the Data Management and Software Centre of ESS, have been assigned the task of designing and commissioning a highperforming DAQ system.
Lund University has delivered front-end electronics capable of high rates as well as a scalable and modular DAQ software to acquire and save data almost one thousand times faster than the state-of-the-art in the field.




Lund University, Division of Nuclear Physics:

  • Francesco Messi, Doctor, Researcher
  • Hanno Perrey, Doctor, Researcher


  • Francesco Piscitelli, Doctor, Detector Scientist

Niels Bohr Institute

  • Troels Blum, Doctor, Researcher

Core deliverables

  • Design, production and commissioning of electronics cards
  • Conceptualization and implementation of software
  • Providing development resources
  • Integration and commissioning of complete systems

Total budget

EUR 500,000

Procurement codes

Electronics and radio frequency
Information technology

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