Quench Study and RF Characterization of Crab Cavities

Coordinating university or institute

Uppsala University, www.uu.se



Project description

The High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) is an upgrade of the LHC to achieve instantaneous luminosities a factor of five larger than the LHC nominal value, thereby enabling the experiments to enlarge their data sample by one order of magnitude compared with the LHC baseline programme. The HL-LHC will rely on a number of key innovative technologies, including cutting-edge compact superconducting crab cavities with ultra-precise phase control for beam rotation.
The FREIA Laboratory will be responsible for studying the quench characteristics at full RF power of a string of two crab cavities in a horizontal cryostat. In addition the FREIA laboratory shall study the RF characteristics of several other crab cavities at low RF power in a vertical cryostat.




Uppsala University:

  • Roger Ruber, Docent, accelerator systems
  • Han Li, Doctor, superconducting cavities

Core deliverables

  • Test system integration and commissioning
  • High and low power RF generator and LLRF control
  • Electronic acquisition hardware
  • Data analysis

Total budget

EUR 2 million


Procurement codes

Electronics and radio frequency
Information technology
Particle and photon detectors

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