Additive Manufacturing for Fabrication of 316L- Grade Components

Coordinating university or institute

Chalmers University of Technology,



Project description

The main objective is to demonstrate how a subdivision of a final structure could be produced in stainless steel 316L(N)-IG-grade with electron beam melting (EBM) followed by post-EBM hot isostatic pressing (HIP). As alternative way, selective melting (LS/SLM) has also been explored. The characteristics of raw materials and processing have been explored in detail and the quality control of the powder material, process and optimized parameters to achieve a fully dense material have been clarified. A large number of block specimens have been fabricated and delivered for testing. The approach to manufacture a large section by sub-division and subsequent joining using hot isostatic pressing (HIP) has been explored. The surface preparation and optimization of post-EBM joining of parts by HIP has been addressed and parameters to achieve successful joints with good metallurgical bonding have been developed.




Chalmers University of Technology:

  • Lars Nyborg, Professor, specialist in materials design, powder technology and additive manufacturing, surface technology
  • Eduard Hryha, Professor, specialist in materials design, powder technology and additive manufacturing, divison of materials and manufacturing, industrial and materials science

Mid-Sweden University:

  • Lars-Erik Rännar, Docent, specialist in EBM technology, additive manufacturing, Quality management and mechanical engineering

Stockholm University:

  • Zhijian James Shen, Professsor, specialist in SLM technology, department of materials and environmental chemistry


  • Hans Magnusson, Specialist in HIP and powder technology, materials modelling

Core deliverables

  • Certification and assessment of high quality metal powder for intended application
  • Development and delivery of test specimens for mechanical testing and radiation testing
  • Development of design for AM-fabrication of intended product for ITER
  • Process development and process optimization for material by AM
  • HIP process and surface preparation for optimized HIP-joining of AM-fabricated specimens developed
  • Scientific publications
  • Patent application

Industry involvement

  • Carpenter Powder Products
  • Sandvik Materials Technology

Total budget

EUR 510,000


  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Mid Sweden University
  • Stockholm University
  • Swerim

Procurement codes

Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

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