Testing of the ESS superconducting Elliptical cavity

Coordinating university or institute

Uppsala University, www.uu.se



Project description

ESS will adopt elliptical multi-cell superconducting cavities with a beta value of 0.86 to accelerate the proton beam up to 2 GeV at the last section of the linac. A 5-cell high-beta cavity for the ESS project was tested with high power at FREIA Laboratory. A pulse mode test stand based on a self-excited loop was used in this test. The qualification of the cavity package involved a 5-cell elliptical cavity, a fundamental power coupler, a cold tuning system, LLRF system and an RF station. These tests represented an important verification before the series production. Fruitful studies of the test chain, RF conditioning, high power performance and experience of this cavity have been done in this test.




Uppsala University:

  • Han Li, researcher RF and accelerator systems
  • Rolf Wedberg, Researcher high power RF system
  • Rocio Santiago-Kern, Engineer researcher cryogenic system
  • Tor Lofnes, Engineer LLRF system

Core deliverables

  • Test stand based on self-excited loop development
  • Test method and algorithm design
  • Data acquisition and control software development
  • Coupler RF conditioning
  • RF test in high vacuum and cryogenic system
  • Data analysis
  • Test result report

Total budget

EUR 50,000


  • Uppsala University
  • Saclay

Procurement codes

Electrical Engineering and magnets
Electronics and radio frequency

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