Big Science Sweden connects Swedish industry with international research organisations

We are Sweden’s Industrial Liaison Office (ILO), forming the link between Swedish industry, academia, research institutes and Big Science research organisations.

We open doors and find ways for Swedish high-tech companies, universities and research institutes to broaden their contact networks and win more contracts with Big Science facilities. Our Industrial Liaison Officers (ILOs) work together with the rest of the Big Science Sweden team on building Sweden as an attractive Big Science nation.

Our mission is to support Sweden’s engagement in Big Science. We focus on high-tech contributions that drive innovation, and we promote collaboration and generate business opportunities for Sweden.

A company aiming to join our network must already be a supplier to research facilities or sectors with correspondingly high levels of technical specifications, such as aerospace, oil and gas, nuclear, robotics, or medtech. 

Member companies have access to training sessions, seminars, conferences, study visits, and participation in large trade fairs . They also become part of an interesting network with other suppliers.

Today, the Big Science Sweden network comprises more than 230 qualified suppliers and partners.

Doing business with Big Science

Our technical specialists review procurements from the research facilities, working actively and strategically in considering which member companies could be interested in a specific procurement. We then alert the relevant companies, and guide them through the tender procedure and technical specifications. We publish current and upcoming procurements here on the website.

Business Corner

Every Wednesday, we have an online meeting, Business Corner, where we give participants the latest news about current procurements. There is also an opportunity to chat with our ILO staff.

The Swedish Guide is a practical catalogue for buyers and technical managers at the research facilities.
The Swedish Guide is a practical catalogue for buyers and technical managers at the research facilities.

Academic contributions to Big Science

Scientific questions often demand the latest technology to extend the boundaries of knowledge. Big Science is the domain where scientists and engineers work together, conducting cutting-edge research and building equipment for the research facilities.

Another part of our work is to compile and publicise how Swedish universities and research institutes are contributing to Big Science. In The Swedish Guide and here on our website, we list more than 70 Swedish academic projects relating to Big Science.


Big Science Sweden activities include:

The Big Science Sweden Conference Researchers, industry and research facilities meet to discuss the latest developments in Big Science, share experiences, make contacts, and find possible business partners.

Aimday Big Science Technology Research facilities discuss their challenges with scientists at Swedish universities and institutes and representatives from Swedish high-tech companies.

Big Science Technology Workshops – The aim is to strengthen the expertise and skills of supplier companies and their abilities to deliver advanced technology. World-class speakers and experts participate in these workshops.

More information

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.

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Communication Manager

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