The MEDIPIX Collaboration

Coordinating university or institute

Mid Sweden University,



Project description

The MEDIPIX collaboration, coordinated by CERN, is developing readout electronics for single photon processing pixel detectors. The objective is to make detectors for spectral X-ray imaging as well as for particle tracking. Applications outside of high-energy physics can for example be found in medical imaging and material science. Current resolution is in the keV and ns range.




Mid Sweden University:

  • Christer Fröjdh, Professor, radiation detection and imaging
  • David Krapohl, Doctor, radiation detection and imaging
  • Göran Thungström, Docent, semiconductor and radiation physics
  • Börje Norlin, Doctor, spectral X-ray imaging

Core deliverables

  • Detector electronics and readout systems
  • Sensors for different types of radiation
  • Theory for spectral imaging and tracking


Procurement codes

Civil engineering, building and technical services
Information technology
Particle and photon detectors
Optics and photonics
Health, safety and environment

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