Cold Spark System for Clic

Coordinating university or institute

Uppsala University,



Project description

A particle accelerator is an important tool of modern science and medicine. The use of the accelerators is limited to bigger research centers and larger hospitals due to their often large size and cost. The size is limited by phenomena of vacuum breakdowns where significant increase of the accelerating voltage inside the accelerator will cause an electric discharge which can destroy the machine. For safe operation we keep the accelerator longer and stay at lower voltages. Uppsala University is building a system with large planar electrodes for studies of the fundamental physics of high-fields in vacuum, important for development of accelerating technologies. The system is cooled to cryogenic temperatures and operated in a wide range of temperatures.




Uppsala University:

  • Marek Jacewicz, Doctor, detectors and control systems
  • Johan Eriksson, Senior Lecturer, mechanical engineering
  • Roger Ruber, Docent, cryogenics.

Core deliverables

  • System design and requirement gathering
  • Acquisition of hardware
  • Manufacturing of components
  • System integration and commissioning

Industry involvement

  • Innovatec Ceramics
  • Omega Engineering

Total budget

EUR 150,000

Procurement codes

Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
Vacuum and low temperature

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