Detector for Simultaneous X-Ray Diffraction and Absorption Spectroscopy

Coordinating university or institute

Chalmers University of Technology,



Project description

The Balder beamline is designed for X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy in the medium and hard X-ray energy range, i.e., 2.4-40 keV. The high brilliance from the 3 GeV storage ring in combination with the beamline construction allows for time resolved measurements down to sub-second time resolution to be performed in operando conditions. The implementation of an additional two-dimensional detector on a robotic arm will provide diffraction (long-range ordering) information truly simultaneous with chemical state and fine structure information for many different materials. The scattered intensity is monitored when the energy is scanned over an absorption edge such that the diffraction becomes anomalous. It is thus possible to determine which of the elements in a material that contribute to certain diffraction peaks. Knowledge about the long-range order also paves the way for more thorough analysis of chemical state and fine structure of complex materials.




Chalmers University of Technology:

  • Per-Anders Carlsson, Professor, Materials and Surface Science, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Lund University:

  • Konstantin Klementiev, Doctor, Beamline Manager at Balder, MAX IV
  • Justus Just, Doctor, postdoc at Balder, MAX IV

Core deliverables

  • Specification and purchasing of 2D detector
  • Assembling of 2D detector and robotic arm incl. software control
  • Software development for synchronous control and acquisition
  • Demonstration of synchronous measurements on catalytic materials

Total budget

EUR 500,000

Procurement codes

Particle and photon detectors

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