Master Oscillator for ESS

Coordinating university or institute

Lund University,



Project description

To work properly the European Spallation Source is dependent on accurate timing and synchronization. The accelerator is pulsed 14 times a second, and every part of the 600 meter machine must work in pico-second synchronization with the internal structure of the pulses. In addition, the target wheel and the scientific experimental stations must also be synchronized to the pulses. Lund University developed the timing strategy for ESS, and have designed the master oscillator that will drive all the different timing systems utilized. This includes a specially designed dielectric resonator housed in a cavity delivered by the local industry, and the electronic circuitry needed to run it and to distribute the signals to the facility.




Lunds universitet, Faculty of Engineering:

  • Anders J Johansson, Docent, RF system design
  • Anders Svensson, Master of science, RF electronics

Core deliverables

  • Design of master oscillator
  • Protoype and tests

Industry involvement


Total budget

EUR 50,000

Procurement codes

Electronics and radio frequency

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