Test of the Fast-Neutron Attenuation of Novel Shielding Materials

Coordinating university or institute

Lund University, www.lunduniversity.lu.se



Project description

The process of neutron creation at ESS results in an intensive radiation field consisting of many different types of particles. Therefore, effective shielding is absolutely essential at such facilities for both radiation safety and for minimizing unwanted background noise in the scientific instruments.
Specialized bulk shielding concretes have been developed at ESS for this purpose. The materials were then tested at the Source Testing Facility at Lund University. The specialized infrastructure present there allowed to characterize the energy-dependent attenuation of fast neutrons by the different concretes as well as by reference samples. The results were then used to successfully validate simulations of the materials.




Lund University, Division of Nuclear Physics:

  • Kevin Fissum, Doctor, Senior Lecturer in Nuclear Physics
  • Hanno Perrey, Doctor, Researcher in Neutron Metrology


  • Douglas DiJulio, Doctor, Radiation Physicist

Core deliverables

  • Design and tuning of the experimental setup
  • Performing the measurement
  • Data analysis

Total budget

EUR 3,500


Procurement codes

Information technology
Particle and photon detectors

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