Development of a new rheometer system at MAX IV

Coordinating university or institute

Chalmers University of Technology,



Project description

A new rheometer system is being developed into a state-of-the-art Rheo-SAXS sample environment at the MAX IV Laboratory in Lund, Sweden. MAX IV Laboratory is a Swedish national laboratory providing scientists from academia and industry with the brightest X-rays available in the world. Thus, the aim is to have a sample environment focused on Swedish academic and industrial strengths as well as have an international appeal through unique testing possibilities.




Chalmers University of Technology

  • Roland Kádár, Team Leader, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial and Materials Science
  • Marianne Liebi, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
  • Aleksandar Matic, Professor, Department of Physics

Lund University, MAX IV

  • Kim Nygård, Beamline Scientist & Project Manager, MAX Laboratory
  • Anne Terry, Beamline Scientist & Group Manager, MAX IV Laboratory

Core deliverables

Develop and test several unique rheo-SAXS testing possibilities. At the end of the developmental period, the goal is to have the rheometer sample environment available for external users at ForMAX and CoSAXS beamlines.

Total budget

EUR 420 000


Procurement codes

Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

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