Design Study of Accumulator Ring

Coordinating university or institute

Uppsala University,



Project description

An EU/H2020 supported Design Study is being carried out with the objective to use the powerful ESS linear accelerator to generate a very intense neutrino beam, for the study of neutrino oscillations using a very large underground water Cherenkov neutrino detector. For this a ca 400 m circumference accumulator ring will be needed, with the purpose to compress the ESS linac pulse from 3 ms to 1.3 microsecond duration. The FREIA laboratory is leading the work to design this ring, which will contain magnets, vacuum chambers, collimators and other beam transport equipment. The design work, which will be based on computer simulations, is made particularly challenging by the exceptionally high beam charge to be stored in the accumulator ring.




Uppsala University, Department of Physics and Astronomy, FREIA:

  • Maja Olvegård, Researcher
  • Tord Ekelöf, Project Manager
  • Ye Zou, Postdoc


  • Elena Wildner
  • Horst Schönauer

IPHC Strasbourg:

  • Elian Bouquerel

Core deliverables

  • Formulation of the ESSnuSB accumulator requirements
  • Elaboration of the ESSnuSB accumulator design using different computer codes to simulate the performance iteratively
  • Written report on the optimized ESSnuSB accumulator design

Total budget

EUR 500,000


Procurement codes

Electrical Engineering and magnets
Vacuum and low temperature
Particle and photon detectors

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