EISCAT 3D Design of Antenna Elements

Coordinating university or institute

Luleå University of Technology,



Project description

EISCAT 3D is a radar system that will consist of five phased-array antenna fields located in the northernmost areas of Finland, Norway and Sweden. It will be operated by EISCAT Scientific Association. LTU also worked on possible configurations of the antenna array with respect to the hardware and electromagnetic properties. The work also led to electrical and mechanical front end design, and included an investigation of timing solutions and antenna calibration methods.




Luleå Technical University, Industrial Electronics:

  • Jonny Johansson, Associate Professor
  • Johan Borg, Senior lecturer
  • Gunnar Isaksson, Research engineer
  • Tore Lindgren, Research assistant

Core deliverables

  • Antenna element specifications
  • Antenna array configurations
  • Front end electronics
  • Antenna timing and calibration

Industry involvement

  • National Instruments
  • WSI
  • Gäddede Elektronik
  • Gelab
  • Microbit

Total budget

EUR 1 million

Procurement codes

Electrical Engineering and magnets
Electronics and radio frequency
Information technology

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