Testing of Superconducting Orbit Corrector Dipole Magnets

Coordinating university or institute

Uppsala University, www.uu.se



Project description

Between 2023-2024, the LHC will be upgraded to increase the beam luminosity by a factor of five. Many new magnets will have to be installed. Before going to the tunnel, each magnet must be trained. The training consists of powering the superconducting magnet to an ultimate current which corresponds to 110% of the nominal current. To save space, magnets consist of two perpendicularly and coaxially arranged dipole coils. FREIA’s task is to train single aperture superconducting dipoles with a length of 2.5 and 1.5 m and an internal magnetic field of 2.5 and 4.5 T.m, They will be tested in the new vertical cryostat currently being installed at FREIA.




Uppsala University, FREIA:

  • Kévin Pepitone, Research Engineer, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Roger Ruber, Researcher, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Core deliverables

  • Training superconducting orbit corrector dipoles to the ultimate current
  • Ramp rate test studies
  • Thermal cycle and memory verification
  • Simultaneous powering of vertical and horizontal coils

Total budget

EUR 2 million


Procurement codes

Electrical Engineering and magnets
Electronics and radio frequency
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
Vacuum and low temperature

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