High Voltage Reference Divider

Coordinating university or institute

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, www.ri.se/en



Project description

The large Hadron Collider at (CERN, was upgraded in 2014 with a new linear accelerator Linac4. Radio-frequency (RF) power requirements for the new accelerator translated into new requirements for the high-voltage measurements at the level of the klystron power supplies: Cathode and anode voltages are pulsed at –110 and –50 kV, respectively, with a repetition rate of 1.1 Hz. Voltage rise and fall times are in the range of 150 µs, and pulse width is approximately 1700 µs. The new reference system built by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden proved to be able to calibrate the measurement of the flattop voltage with an uncertainty of 0.05 %, thus ensuring that DUT performance requirement of 0.5 % could be fulfilled.
Since 2017 SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden is a part of Research Institutes of Sweden, RISE.





  • Anders Bergman, Doctor, senior researcher in High-voltage Metrology
  • Maria Hammarquist, Researcher in high-voltage metrology


  • M.C. Bastos, Calibration Specialist

Core deliverables

  • Define the principle and modelling of the measurement system
  • Purchase components
  • Building a complete measuring system incl software
  • Characterise the measuring system in-house at RISE´s high voltage lab
  • Deliver and perform final calibration of reference system at CERN

Total budget

EUR 55,000


  • RISE
  • CERN


Procurement codes

Civil engineering, building and technical services
Electrical Engineering and magnets

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