Super ADAM @ ILL

Coordinating university or institute

Uppsala University,



Project description

The Super ADAM instrument is a state of the art neutron reflectometer located at the highest neutron flux research reactor worldwide. At the facility scientists conduct both cutting edge fundamental science and applied research for industrial projects. Super ADAM offers unique information not available by any other research tool in such areas as:

  • magnetic layers, superlattices, heterostructures and magnetic meta-materials
  • self-assembly of surfactants, polymers, lipids and proteins at solid and liquid interfacets
  • rearrangement processes in thin films (e.g. diffusion, annealing, exchange, swelling etc.)
  • encapsulation in and release from thin films e.g. drug delivery materials
  • chemical and biochemical surface interactions and reactions
  • hydrogen in metals
  • ionic and magnetic liquids




Uppsala University:

  • Alexei Vorobiev, Doctor. infrastructure manager
  • Björgvin Hjörvarsson, Professor, magnetism, hydrogen in metals, AM

Lund University, Faculty of Engineering:

  • Tommy Nylander, Professor, soft matter and bio-science

Linköping University:

  • Jens Birch, Professor, advanced materials, thin films

Core deliverables

Unique information on structure (e.g. composition, thickness and roughness, density, interfusion, crystalline state, magnetic state) and properties (e.g. phase transitions, reactivity, durability) of:

  • solid-state and soft-matter ultrathin films and multilayers
  • bared solid-liquid and solid-solid interfaces
  • 2D artificially patterned and self-ordered structures

Total budget

EUR 10 million


  • Uppsala University
  • Lund University
  • Linköping University


Procurement codes

Electrical Engineering and magnets
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials

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