Photon- and particle calorimeter CALIFA – front end system

Coordinating university or institute

Chalmers University of Technology,



Project description

The CALIFA photon and particle calorimeter is a part of the experimental set up for Reactions with Relativistic Radioactive Beams (R3B) at the FAIR facility. It is one of the key detectors and will detect gamma rays and light charged particles. Chalmers is contributing R&D on the forward end-cap of the CALIFA – including the hybrid LaBr3-LaCl3 phoswich detector and the associated slow control and readout electronics. The work included the technical design, prototyping, pre-series, procurement and delivery of the system.




Chalmers University of Technology:

  • Thomas Nilsson, Professor, experimental subatomic physics
  • Håkan T. Johansson, Research engineer, advanced software and computing hardware
  • Andreas Martin Heinz, Associate professor subatomic physics

Core deliverables

  • Research and Development of detector system in line with scientific requirements
  • Detector specification and design
  • System integration
  • Detector system production
  • DAQ and controls, signal processing computers/FPGAs
  • Integration, prototyping, pre-series, procurement and delivery of system

Industry involvement

Saint-Gobain Cristeaux et Detecteurs

Total budget

EUR 850,000


  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • SFAIR consortium

Procurement codes

Electronics and radio frequency
Information technology
Particle and photon detectors

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