NIR Spectrometer for European XFEL

Coordinating university or institute

Uppsala University,



Project description

The European XFEL is the world’s largest and most brilliant free electron laser. It is located at DESY, Hamburg, Germany and produces high intensity x-ray light pulses used for various state of the art synchrotron light investigations. It consist of a 3,4km long electron accelerator utilizing magnet structures for light creation. XFEL is used an enormous microscope. Potential problems with the electron bunches can arise in turn affecting the overall outcome of the performance.
In order to better understand the nature of the electron bunches it was decided to implement a continuous shot-to-shot NIR spectrometer who will be sensitive to radiation emitted by upstream pinhole screen. The spectral signature will be a key feature to understand electron bunch behavior and changes. To be able to read out with continuous shot-to-shot ratio of 4.5MHz the KALYPSO detector system is used which enables this to be the world´s fastest NIR spectrometer of such type.




Uppsala University:

  • Mathias Hamberg, Researcher, Department of Physics and Astronomy, FREIA
  • Simon Fahlström, Department of Physic


  • Christopher Gerth
  • Nils Lockmann

Core deliverables

  • Optics setup
  • Electronics setup for readout including the KALYPSO system

Total budget

EUR 50,000


  • Uppsala University
  • DESY

Procurement codes

Information technology
Electronics and radio frequency
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
Particle and photon detectors
Optics and photonics
Gases, chemicals, waste collection and radiation equipment
Health, safety and environment

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