Electromagnetic Calorimeter for the PANDA Experiment

Coordinating university or institute

Uppsala University, www.uu.se



Project description

PANDA is an experiment at FAIR, Darmstadt, Germany, which uses a beam of antiprotons to study the strong force. A key element of the PANDA detector is its electromagnetic calorimeter (EMC) consisting of about 16 000 PWO crystals to measure photons from antiproton induced interactions. Uppsala is responsible for developing and producing read out electronics for the EMC:

  • Sampling analog-to-digital converters (SADCs) with built-in intelligence for feature extraction from the signals (time and energy) using FPGAs
  • Data Concentrators that synchronize the data from the SADCs, build events and perform first level analysis. These units are also based on FPGAs




Uppsala University:

  • Pawel Marcienewski, Doctor, digital electronics design

Core deliverables

  • Electronics hardware design, testing and production
  • Radiation resistance tests of electronics
  • Electronic acquisition hardware design
  • High speed data analysis in FPGA hardware
  • System integration and commissioning

Industry involvement

  • Semicon
  • Crytur

Total budget

EUR 2,6 million


  • Uppsala University
  • Stockholm University


Procurement codes

Electronics and radio frequency
Information technology
Particle and photon detectors

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