Micro Accelerator Structure center MAS in Uppsala

Coordinating university or institute

Uppsala University, www.uu.se



Project description

To meet new demands from accelerator physics strategies on the rise the Micro Accelerator Structure center (MAS) in Uppsala was founded. It will aid Big Science facilities around the world in constructing microfabricated devices utilizing e.g. lithography methods in clean room environments. The first collaboration for delivering such hardware are with DESY in Germany which currently are constructing a test accelerator setup, Sinbad where the centre will play a vital part in producing micro machined structures, sample holders, controllers and setups.




Uppsala University:

  • Mathias Hamberg, Researcher, Department of Physics and Astronomy, FREIA
  • Mikael Karlsson, Senior Lecturer, Department of Engineering Sciences, Applied Materials Science
  • Pontus Forsberg, Researcher, Department of Engineering Sciences, Applied Materials Science
  • Anders Rydberg, Professor at Department of Engineering Sciences, Solid State Electronics


  • Ulrich Dorda

Core deliverables

  • Micro fabricated structures of various nature
  • Sample mounts
  • Test and evaluation setup
  • Laser routing system
  • Vacuum chamber design
  • Hexapod implementation
  • PLC control systems design
  • Design of system
  • Fabrication in Cleanroom environment
  • Installation of setup
  • Tests and Improvements

Total budget

EUR 1 million


  • Uppsala University
  • FAU
  • PECS
  • DESY Research Centre

Procurement codes

Electronics and radio frequency
Information technology
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
Vacuum and low temperature
Particle and photon detectors
Optics and photonics

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