Low-Level RF System

Coordinating university or institute

Lund University, www.lunduniversity.lu.se



Project description

We have designed and developed the low-level RF system for ESS, which is the system that controls the acceleration of the particles. It is a very sensitive process, which requires the highest precision in all parts of the design, both electronics and software. After an in-depth analysis of the requirements and the solutions used at other facilities, we designed a tailored solution for ESS. To fulfill all requirements, including availability, we required newly developed hardware. This was developed in collaboration with our partners in Poland, Germany and Spain, thanks to the in-kind form of the ESS project. During the whole process, the distributed development process has been coordinated by LU. Today the system is in production and will be installed in 2019.




Lund University, Faculty of Engineering:

  • Anders J Johansson, Docent, RF system design, LLRF systems
  • Bo Bernhardsson, Professor, automation control
  • Markus Törmänen, Docent, RF design
  • Anders Svensson, M.Sc., RF electronics
  • Olof Troäng, M.Sc., control for LLRF systems

Core deliverables

  • System design
  • Automatic control algorithms
  • Test benches
  • LLRF test systems
  • Project coordination

Industry involvement


Total budget

EUR 4 million


  • Lund University
  • The Polish Electronics Group
  • DESY
  • ESS Bilbao

Procurement codes

Electronics and radio frequency
Information technology

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