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RISE Research Institutes of Sweden,



Project description

The aim of the project is to investigate Lithium fire safety, in particular relating to the Lithium Loop (LL) facility. LL divertors is a possible solution to outstanding fusion reactor technology issues, while potentially improving reactor plasma performance. There are however risk and safety concerns regarding LL. Risk assessment and fire mitigation scenarios will be investigated in a scenario that contain around 10 m3 of lithium circulating at a rate of 0.104 m3/s at elevated temperatures. Although lithium is the least reactive of the alkali metals, many exothermic reactions chemical reactions are possible in contact with common gases and materials such as oxygen, nitrogen, water, CO2 and concrete.

Experimental approaches on lithium fire safety oriented to prevention of ignition will be developed according to the reference RISE testing apparatus and capabilities. A first draft matrix of experiments to develop in the WPENS frame will be prepared in view of DONES fire safety requirements, which could be review in later stages. First experimental results will be obtained and reported.

The Fire Research unit is a part of Fire Technology at RISE. Fire Research is a team of researchers and skilled engineers in fires with expertise in fire dynamics, fire resistance, forest fires, fire simulations and structural mechanics. Together with skilled personnel in our accredited fire test laboratory, they serve the needs of both industry clients and publicly funded research projects.




RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

  • Johan Anderson, PhD, Senior researcher, Fire Research
  • Johan Sjöström, PhD, Senior researcher, Structural and solid mechanics, Fire Research
  • Emil Hallberg, Technician, Test engineer, Fire Research
  • Fredrik Kahl, Technician, Test engineer, Fire Research

Core deliverables

  • Fire safety of Lithium
  • Li ignition prevention experiments
  • Risk assessments of Lithium and Lithium fires
  • Material analysis

Total budget

EUR 542,000


  • RISE Research Institutes of Sweden


210521 Brand104

Procurement codes

Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
Health, safety and environment
Gases, chemicals, waste collection and radiation equipment

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