Hanseatic League of Science (HALOS)

Coordinating university or institute

Lund University, www.lunduniversity.lu.se



Project description

By bringing life science users together with researchers from the large regional photon and neutron infrastructures HALOS facilitates the development of new measurement methods and instrumentation. For example the ongoing development of X-ray fluorescence imaging applications in tissue imaging and time-resolved crystallography to study protein mechanisms at PETRA III. HALOS also aims to connect with the Helmholtz-Lund International graduate School (HELIOS) project, to further enhance use of the unique research centers in the area (MAX IV, ESS, DESY and XFEL).   




Includes among others

  • Kajsa Paulsson, PhD, Lund University, Faculty of Medicine
  • Michael Gajhede, Professor, UCPH
  • Arwen Pearson, Professor, UHH
  • Marite Cardenas, Professor, Malmö University
  • Anders Bjorholm Dahl, Professor, DTU

Core deliverables

  • HALOS provides an unique collaboration between Hamburg and South-West Scandinavia, bring together the four unique research facilities MAX IV, ESS, DESY and European XFEL, and create a centre for integrated, world-leading Life Science innovation and research. In the work package for Cross Border Research different activities are arranged such as seminars, webinars, workshops, summer/winter schools, match-making and not least funding of 6 month projects. The funding of 6 month projects is given to only projects with industry outreach plans and of high innovation potential. The work in the WP will result in increased awareness, competence development and increased use of large scale facilities in Life Science research and innovation.
  • In the workpackage Regional Development the HALOS community in Hamburg and Southwest Scandinavia work to improve the conditions for using the large scale Research Infrastructures including topics such as mobility, remote access, innovation and tech-transfer and science cities and develop joint key messages and strategies, bi- and multi-lateral agreements.

Industry involvement

Companies involved or selected for targeted out-reach activities include: ReceptorPharma, ImplexionPharma, Leo Pharma, Lundbeck, Avilex Pharma, Acesion Pharma, Borregaard, Colloidal Resources Competence, Axiom Insights, Thermofisher, Abbott, NIOM, Corticalis, Catalyst Biosciences.

Total budget

EUR 3.6 millions


  • Lund University
  • Universität Hamburg
  • University of Copenhagen
  • MAX IV
  • ESS
  • Malmö University
  • Region Skåne
  • DESY
  • European XFEL
  • City of Hamburg 
  • Technical University of Denmark
  • Aarhus University
  • Capital Region of Denmark
  • Medicon Valley
  • Alliance EMBL


210525 Halos Big Science Sweden 2

Procurement codes

Electrical Engineering and magnets
Information technology
Mechanical Engineering and raw materials
Vacuum and low temperature
Optics and photonics
Particle and photon detectors
Health, safety and environment

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