Mass spectrometer and cell sorter for biology infrastructure

Coordinating university or institute

Uppsala University,



Project description

The stability of biological samples is limited, and optimal use of beam time at XFEL requires a biological sample infrastructure to provide: (i) support to the Swedish life-science community in generation and handling of challenging samples in the immediate proximity to XFEL instruments; (ii) appropriate selection, quality control and evaluation of samples, including correlative imaging, immediately prior to XFEL experiments; (iii) standardised technology for data interpretation, including computation and validation of structural models. We proposed to establish a collaborative infrastructure, integrated within XFEL, providing open-access facilities for preparation and sample handling. The Swedish contribution was essential for the realisation of the project at the European XFEL.The XBI facility that was built from this IKC is up and running at XFEL.




Uppsala University, Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics:

  • Janos Hajdu, Professor molecular biophysics, specialist in extreme photon science, ultra-fast diffractive imaging, biophysics, structural sciences

Core deliverables

  • Construction of the XBI infrastructure at XFEL
  • Successful user operation of the XBI infrastructure at XFEL

Total budget

EUR 1,6 million


Procurement codes

Optics and photonics

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