Huurre designs, manufactures and supplies refrigeration units

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Huurre is part of the Caverion Group – a leading European group in the refrigeration sector, with a focus on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration. Huure Sweden, with 150 employees, is owned by Caverion Sverige.

Huurre designs, manufactures and supplies refrigeration units, and for many years has driven the technology away from fluorinated greenhouse gases to natural coolants, such as carbon dioxide. Sweden and the Nordic region are at the forefront of this technological development, and Huurre is now a world leader in these types of refrigeration units.

World leader in environmentally friendly refrigeration units

Huurre has regular contracts with universities, hospitals, schools, and ice halls, but also supplies commercial customers like shops, properties, process industry, and restaurants. Research facilities offer a promising new market.

Big order from CERN

CERN is currently undergoing an extensive upgrade, which includes replacing refrigeration systems. In 2020, representatives from CERN participated in a seminar on CO2-cooling arranged by Big Science Sweden at the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University. This was where CERN heard about Huurre. Ahead of the procurement of new refrigeration units for the CMS and ATLAS experiments at LHC, CERN contacted Huurre and recommended that the company submit a tender.

“We did so and won the order, and see it as recognition that we have the necessary specialist expertise,” explains Fredrik Strengbohm, Technical Manager at Huurre. “We’ll be supplying refrigeration units designed and built with extremely stringent requirements in terms of safety, refrigeration, and redundancy. CERN employees visited us digitally during the procurement process. After interviews and a guided tour using cameras in our production environment, they were convinced we had the necessary resources.”

Refrigeration to -53 degrees and 100 percent redundancy

In the project Huurre may be supplying a total of 20 units by 2024, assuming practical tests in situ at CERN in the autumn are a success. Huurre is currently working with final project planning, design and construction. The unit will refrigerate down to -53 degrees with 100 percent redundancy.

“The technical demands are extremely high,” continues Fredrik Strengbohm. “The accelerators must be able to run at full capacity even when outdoor temperatures are high. Nothing must go wrong and cause disruption while the expensive experiments at CERN are being conducted.”

In spring 2021, the unit will be planned and designed at the head office in Västerås. Later, the unit will be built at the Huurre factory in Finland, and then assembled in situ at CERN.

Technology for the future

Greater requirements for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration makes Huurre an attractive supplier that works with future-proof technology.

“It’s not so common that Swedish companies supply products to southern Europe, but news of our expertise and competencies has spread, and we’ve put ourselves on the map without marketing. Working in an environmentally friendly way is important today, and will be even more important tomorrow, so our products and services are ideal for the future.”

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