Special design for the research market



Scanditronix in Vislanda is a leading supplier to research facilities all over Europe. The company manufactures magnets for particle accelerators.

 CEO Mikael Vieweg: ”You could say that what sets us apart from many companies is that our magnets, right from the start, are designed specifically for the research market. Many companies develop their magnets for other sectors, before they start to consider becoming suppliers to the research facilities.

A satisfied customer comes back. That’s the principle of why facilities turn to us directly when plan-ning new projects and orders.

 “Our success is based on confidence. We enter the process at an early stage. It becomes a collaboration where we can gradually adapt and optimise the design after discussions with the buyer. What is crucial is that we supply quality, that’s super-important, at all stages. We’re a good partner to our client, we listen, we’re transparent, and we do a good job. But with every procurement, we’re working in tough competition with others.”

Responding to procurements takes time and energy – even for a company like Scanditronix that is used to the procurement process. “It’s about having the right attitude and making sure that you’re working together. It’s important to make different contacts and get to know the customer.”

Mikael Vieweg is keen to emphasise that research facilities comprise a large and interesting market, even for smaller suppliers. “If you’re a subcontractor located close to a facility, you can build up long-term relationships, supplying the facility with products for smaller assignments that don’t require a public procurement process. Once you’ve built up a good relationship, there can be repeat assignments, and you’re then in a good position to win similar assignments involving other research facilities.”

 Scanditronix Magnet AB was founded in 1980, and specialises in coil and magnet manufacture for particle accelerators. The company has 30 employees, mainly engineers, physicians, fitters and technicians. Previously, the company was part of bigger groups, but has been a separate entity since 2006. Scanditronix has supplied equipment to the following research facilities: CERN, PSI, DESY, SLAC, Fermilab, MAX IV, Daresbury, Rutherford, GANIL, INFN, and TRIUMF.

Publishing year 2019