Cutting-edge instruments for modular data acquisition and signal generation

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Teledyne SP Devices

Teledyne SP Devices designs and manufactures cutting-edge instruments for modular data acquisition and signal generation. Products, employed across a wide variety of industries, include analytical and scientific instruments, and equipment for remote sensing and medical imaging.

The company is a world leader in its field, providing technical solutions that are much in demand for large collaborative projects, including procurements for research facilities such as CERN and ITER.  

Innovative technology and solutions

“As a supplier to a major development project, a high degree of flexibility is required” explains Kacper Matuszyński, Sales Engineer Europe at Teledyne SP Devices. “We contribute expertise for developing technical infrastructure. It’s not about mass production but about developing and making single units that must be tested and continuously evaluated and adapted. We work with technology and solutions that no one has done before, so this is genuine research and innovation.”

Teledyne SP Devices delivers highly customised solutions and products requiring intensive R&D.

Teledyne SP Devices has worked its way into the Big Science market, for example by gradually building up a network of contacts at universities and research facilities. Kacper has identified key people by searching subject areas in databases at various universities.

“You have to be persistent and work systematically, but it’s easy to find information about researchers and their publications,” continues Kacper. “I’m interested in research in our field – it gives me an idea of who are the influencers and decision-makers.

“The Big Science world is a community with an extremely high degree of collaboration. Once you’ve established a good contact, it often leads to further contacts. And if you’ve done a good job – delivered a high-quality product with support – the word spreads quickly, creating a springboard for new business.”

Recent and forthcoming orders

In addition to completed orders to particle accelerator facilities such as CERN and XFEL/DESY, Teledyne SP Devices has supplied technology for plasma devices like Wendelstein W7-X and JET. Recent projects include a new detector for the DELTA electron storage ring in Dortmund, Germany.

Publishing year 2021


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