Automation Region

Automation Region is a centre of excellence with more than 150 member companies that consist of start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and world-leading multinational automation companies. Automation is an important high-technology sector with a significant export ratio. In addition, automation is of great strategic importance to future production and competitiveness. Through collaboration, new contacts, inspiration and skills development, we are working to achieve efficient production, profitable businesses and increased Swedish competitiveness.

Innovative Materials Arena (IMA)

Innovative Materials Arena is a cluster organisation that brings together research, public sector and business, active within the field of advanced materials and sharing the same vision – to facilitate materials innovations. IMA supports collaboration and enables economic growth through our extensive network, educational assets, practical support and IMA Share digital platform for sharing of material equipment and skills. In 2020, IMA got its first physical node – IMA One, a meeting place for our network and a residence to five companies working with innovative materials – Faurecia Creo Dynamics, HPViCo, RISE, RUAG and SAAB. 

RI.Logistica (RIL)

RI.Logistica supports research infrastructures (RIs) by optimising logistics, thereby enabling them to focus on their core business of providing scientific results. RI.Logistica helps to develop in-house expertise based on well-established processes tested and implemented by industry, which will allow RIs to address any logistical challenge. In research, these challenges may vary from the shipment of tiny samples invisible to the naked eye, to the transportation of vaccines under strict temperature conditions and the movement of giant scientific equipment across continents.

Founding members
European Spallation Source ERIC (ESS), European XFEL (EU XFEL), European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) and Fusion for Energy (F4E).