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Studsvik Nuclear

Studsvik Nuclear is a leading supplier of services to the international nuclear power industry. The company’s unique specialist expertise built up over the years also includes research and development in the fusion field.

Studsvik has long experience of working with challenging issues in corrosion and materials relating to light water reactors based on the fission principle. The company has been able to adapt its expertise and experimental equipment to solve similar challenges in fusion research. For instance, with a unique testing capacity in flow-accelerated corrosion, Studsvik has successfully established itself in a narrow technological niche. Their experience in materials testing has also helped validate new construction materials for use in future fusion reactors.

We’ve built up the collaborations needed to work in large international networks.

The company also has special capacity in its hot cells, where neutron-irradiated, i.e. strongly radioactive material, can be handled remotely. In a hot cell, the material can be tested mechanically and chemically, using various methods. Samples of these materials can be produced for further analysis down to atom level using state-of-the-art microscopy techniques.

Understanding of quality requirements and scientific challenges

At an early stage, Studsvik contacted ITER, F4E and the research organisation EUROfusion (European Consortium for the Development of Fusion Energy). In the past ten years, Studsvik has been involved in several projects for all three organisations. Studsvik’s expertise in nuclear technology has been crucial for the successes. 

“Operating within the Big Science arena is on a much larger scale from both a technical and administrative perspective,” explains Lotta Nystrand, Key Account Manager in Fusion. “We understand the scientific challenges and the special quality requirements regarding fusion, and we’ve built up the collaborations needed to work in large international networks like EUROfusion and ITER.”   

Specialist knowledge in nuclear technology, materials, and corrosion

Lotta Nystrand emphasises the importance of Studsvik being able to use their existing facilities, and their in-depth knowledge in nuclear technology, materials, and corrosion when entering the high-tech Big Science market. She is also aware of the importance of making the right contacts.

“Studsvik are an SME with a strong reputation within nuclear, built up over many decades of working internationally. We started to build relations at an early stage and participated in technology-oriented conferences and featured in scientific journals. Even with a strong base, it takes a lot of work to become established as a supplier and occupy a natural place in the networks aimed at implementing fusion technology.”

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