Engineering services, manufacturing specialisms, production design and rapid development of prototypes



NOTE, with its head office in Kista, is a leading northern European manufacturing partner for electronics-based and complete products. The company operates in the Medtech, Industrial, Communication, Defence, and High-end Consumer segments, and has been increasing its presence in the Big Science market since 2019.

NOTE’s expertise, comprising advanced engineering services, manufacturing specialisms, production design and rapid development of prototypes, makes the company an attractive partner for research facilities.

Things have happened quickly. After the meetings in March, we received an order during Q4 and now, in February 2020, we’re involved in several projects for CERN.”

Jonas Alexander Söderlund, Business Development Manager at NOTE, explains.

“The Big Science market has demanding clients, but we see that as a stimulating challenge. It drives the internal development in the company. Facing and tackling new challenges is perhaps the biggest advantage of working with facilities like ESS and CERN.

One of our strengths is our very broad expertise in manufacturing. We supply everything from simple products to sophisticated communications equipment. Our factories are highly automated, with lean, efficient, and competitive production. Clients see us as being easy to work with, which is crucial for building long-term relationships.”

The ambition is to supply more complete products, advance in the food chain, and work with really demanding orders. Jonas Alexander Söderlund is not daunted by the development that may be required to satisfy the needs of research companies. Instead, he sees it as a strategic investment that will also benefit the company in contacts with other clients.

“It means that we’re proactive, that we have a clear picture of what will be breaking through in three to four years’ time. We can learn a certain technology before it becomes an industry standard.”

Publishing year 2020

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