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MCT Brattberg

MCT Brattberg develop and manufacture high-performance cable and pipe transits, used to protect people and property in various application areas in exposed environments.

Within a short period, the company has won two orders, one from ESS and the other from the Jules Horowitz Reactor, a test reactor for water-cooled nuclear power, built in connection with ITER.

The ESS order concerns cable and pipe transits for the target area, a radiation environment requiring specialised cable transits. If all goes according to plan, the order should be completed during 2021.

We’ve always worked with customers that demand high quality. We’ve gradually made the right contacts.

At the Jules Horowitz Reactor, MCT Brattberg’s products will be tested against future requirements. MCT Brattberg is now working on design ahead of an approved quality audit, and will start to supply the equipment during 2021.

Known products, high quality, and strategic contacts

“We’ve worked a lot with ITER, and supplied fire protection equipment to the buildings,” explains Mats Åfeldt, Sales Manager at MCT Brattberg. “Eventually, we hope to become involved in the fusion part.

“We started to establish contacts at ESS through Skanska already during the design stage of the facility, and we’ve been making continual deliveries since then. Our products are well known, and are known to be of high quality. For a long time, we’ve been supplying equipment to nuclear power plants, which also have very exposed environments with very strict requirements.”

Already in the 1950s, MCT Brattberg developed a product, the MCT Brattberg system, a modular multi-cable and pipe transit, which over the years has given the company a global reputation.

Big Science Sweden has given us an effective and rapid way in to new contact networks. This frees up valuable time that we can instead devote to talking with the right people at the right time – that’s the sort of thing that can be crucial in future business.”

Publishing year 2021.

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