One of Sweden’s leading companies in engineering plastics and polymer materials


Carlsson & Möller

Carlsson & Möller in Helsingborg was founded in 1948, and is one of Sweden’s leading companies in engineering plastics and polymer materials. Today, the company is involved in many projects, supplying materials to both CERN and ESS.

 “At Carlsson & Möller, we have the advantage of having both thermoset plastics and thermoplastics in our range, and can meet researchers’ need for unique materials,” explains Leif Gjerløv, Technical Sales Engineer and responsible for the Big Science market. 

We are a supplier of total solutions in plastics, and have expertise in materials science and production capacity, both of which are crucial in the design of sophisticated accelerators.

The company has clients in many sectors, everything from the forest industry to space and defence. At a subcontractors’ trade fair a few years ago, representatives from Carlsson & Möller met buyers from MAX IV, which subsequently led to orders. A year or so later came an enquiry from CERN. Now, the company’s deliberate strategy is to focus on large-scale research facilities.

 “We have no problems supplying products according to the specifications of the research facilities. We have long experience of working with clients in, for example, the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Like research facilities, these sectors have specific requirements regarding, for example, traceability and full documentation.”

 What can boost a company’s chances of winning procurements?

 “One success factor is joining forces with other companies and forming consortiums. That’s a good way of increasing the chances of winning orders while spreading the risk over several parties. Big Science Sweden is a good neutral platform that can help companies build networks that can form the basis for more consortiums.”

Publishing year 2018

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