30 September 2022

Companies joining us at BSBF2022 in Granada

At Big Science Sweden we've started to pack our bags, and soon we'll be off to Granada! Next week we hope to see many of you at BSBF2022, the world's most important meeting place for Big Science, 4-7 October.

The conference programme is packed with interesting sessions and we are looking forward to rewarding 1-to-1 meetings with research facilities and companies. We are sure we will be returning home with new and exciting contacts and a widened network.

Read below about our member companies that will be joining us at the Swedish Pavilion.

2B Best Business, Anderstorp
2B was founded in 2005 and sells technical components and solutions with hi-tech content, and offers a number of processes that enable the right solution to be delivered for the right purpose. Examples of products are milled parts, cast parts, punched parts, and complete assembled units, which can be made in different materials.
Bevion Group, Göteborg
Bevion Group AB is an umbrella company, representing nine specialist consulting companies. The main focus is the nuclear industry, both in Sweden and internationally. Bevion specialises in framework agreements, representing its members/owners in meetings with mutual clients, and working on tenders and agreements. Bevion participates in conferences, looking for new opportunities and openings in new geographical areas. Bevion Group covers all technical consulting positions for consultants in the Swedish nuclear sector.
Bumax, Åshammar
BUMAX manufactures premium stainless steel fasteners in a variety of steel grades that provide optimal safety and reliability in the most demanding customer applications. The fasteners are manufactured using hot and cold forming, as well as machining. The BUMAX factory is situated in Åshammar, in the heart of Sweden’s steel district.
Exir Broadcasting, Hörby
Exir Broadcasting is a global technology leader servicing the coaxial and RF industries in the broadcasting and science sectors. The company manufactures innovative passive RF components, and specialises in customised solutions to meet specific needs. Exir designs and manufactures passive RF components, and offers on-site support.
Fagerström Industrikonsult, Helsingborg
Fagerström offers ”designs and solutions that no one else thought of”. The company is not industry-specific so can offer technical solutions in most types of processes and industrial sectors. A common type of contract is to develop unique specialised machines. Other assignments can be long-term development projects. Clients include the Swedish nuclear industry and ESS, where Fagerström interacts with the organisations and conducts joint projects.
MCT Brattberg, Karlskrona
MCT Brattberg develops and manufactures high-performance cable and pipe transits, used to protect people and property in various areas of application in exposed environments. MCT Brattberg sealings for cables and pipes have become the industry standard because of their high levels of performance and safety features. The company supplies cable and pipe transits to ESS, ITER, nuclear power plants, and oil & gas facilities worldwide.
Nyfors Teknologi, Stockholm
Nyfors is an innovative supplier of advanced glass processing and preparation equipment for specialty optical fiber-splicing operations. The company develops reliable and precise solutions tailored to specific customer challenges. The highly automated systems result in consistent, high-yield production, regardless of volume. The company portfolio includes CO2 laser splicing and glass shaping equipment, automatic systems for fiber preparation, fiber-end and window stripping, high-precision cleavers, and optical fiber recoaters.
RFR Solutions, Landskrona
RFR Solutions develops and manufactures systems and components in stainless steel, offering full support throughout the process from design and development of prototypes to production, assembly, quality control, and installation. RFR engineers are often part of the customers’ project teams from an early stage, assisting with materials expertise, design, and product optimisation. RFR Solutions is one of the few suppliers that can offer a complete production facility free from carbon steel.
ScandiNova, Uppsala
ScandiNova is a world leader in development and production of pulsed power systems with high power levels. The product range covers pulse modulators, generators, turnkey radio frequency (RF) systems and e-gun modulators, all using solid-state technology. The modular design enables the company to offer systems that handle a wide range of loads and needs all the way to RF peak power of 100 MW. ScandiNova has clients in 40 countries, mainly in Europe, Asia and North America.
Scanditronix Magnet, Vislanda
Scanditronix Magnet specialises in the production of magnets for accelerators, working closely with customers to ensure the magnets are customised to each specific application. The main focus has always been to deliver coils and magnets of the highest quality and reliability. Extensive experience and specialist engineering expertise enables Scanditronix Magnet to find the optimal solution to each customer's specific needs.
Studsvik, Nyköping
Studsvik Nuclear is a leading supplier of services to the international nuclear power industry. Studsvik provides innovative technical solutions to create superior value by improving reactor performance, and reducing risks and costs across the nuclear and radioactive material lifecycle. The company’s unique specialist expertise built up over the years also enables Studsvik to conduct research and development in the fusion field.
The Quantum Group, Lund
The Quantum Group, which is on a mission to become a renowned international supplier of high-voltage pulsed power, offers electrical power supply system solutions for scientific facilities. The group can design, manufacture and test any power converter for particle accelerators and fusion energy applications with a power range of a few kW to several MW and voltage levels from a few volts to hundreds of kV. The group also offers various consultancy services in electrical power systems for Big Science projects.