13 September 2023

Big Science Sweden team gets a glimpse into space

The Big Science Sweden team recently gathered at the Onsala Space Observatory to discuss and draw up strategies for the busy autumn ahead. A guided tour gave an insight into the technology behind recent Swedish successes in the field of radioastronomy.

Catarina Sahlberg, BiSS, discusses telescope technology with Robert Cumming at Onsala Space Observatory.

Onsala Space Observatory

Swedish companies, along with Onsala Space Observatory/Chalmers University of Technology, are making significant contributions to exciting radioastronomy projects* at the forefront of knowledge. This made the Observatory an inspiring venue for the BiSS team’s strategy meeting.

Pioneering technology

Robert Cumming, astronomer and communications officer at Onsala, also gave us an interesting presentation and guided tour. This provided an insight into the pioneering technology that Swedish companies and the Observatory/Chalmers are supplying to these gigantic projects, which will solve some of the mysteries regarding the universe.

Many thanks to Onsala Space Observatory and Robert Cumming for this stimulating and informative visit.

* Read more about Swedish involvement in the ALMA telescope and the SKAO project.

Onsala Space Observatory is the Swedish National Facility for Radio Astronomy. The mission is to provide world-class research equipment in the fields of radio astronomy and earth science.