30 August 2023

New window on the universe – Sweden involved in world’s most advanced radio telescope

An international research group at the giant ALMA telescope, located on the Chajnantor Plateau in Chile, has made the first measurements with new receivers on the telescope’s antennas, opening an exciting new window on the universe.

Sweden is involved in developing ALMA – one of the world’s largest radio telescopes. The new receiver cartridges for the telescope were produced by a consortium that includes the Group for Advanced Receiver Development, GARD, at Onsala Space Observatory, Chalmers University of Technology.

Each receiver conducts observations within a particular band or range of wavelengths. The new Band 2 promises new insights into how distant galaxies and stars form, all the way down to the origins of planets and the building blocks of life.

Leading the way

“Sweden is at the forefront for this type of technology, as shown by its involvement in the pioneering work on ALMA,” says Patrik Carlsson, Co-Director, Big Science Sweden.

“Collaboration projects like this not only enable new research and knowledge about the universe, but also help to build up and attract expertise in radio and microwave technology important for other business areas, such as ICT, medical technology, and defence.”