Form for Academic contributions

Provide name of the person who is giving the information

Name of the big science facility for the project

What is the name of the project?

Include name of the university and url

Describe the project in a popular version (easy to understand) including technical key words. Max 120 words.

Provide name, title and which department or speciality, University. Max 5

Make a description of core parts in the project in bullets. Maximum 5 bullets.

Enter start year and end year in this format XXXX-XXXX

Total budget for the project put in Euro. Estimate to the best approximation.

Did you work with external companies? Which companies and what did they deliver? List company and deliverables put in bullets

List the universities involved in the project put in bullets.

Mark the categories relevant for the deliverables included in the project (maximum 2-3)

Please let us know any other comments