Swedish high-level visit to ITER

Swedish high-level visit to ITER

Friday, 15 December 2023 09:30 - 15:30

ITER Organization
Route de Vinon-sur-Verdon St. Paul-lez-Durance, Cadarache, France (Google maps)

Big Science Sweden and Business Sweden are collaborating to offer selected Swedish high-tech suppliers and researchers a unique opportunity to make important business contacts at ITER.

Big Science Sweden and Business Sweden's partnership enhances Sweden's visibility on the international stage, and fosters the development of groundbreaking technologies and solutions that hold the potential to shape the future of sustainable energy through nuclear fusion.

Showcasing Swedish capabilities

The purpose of the Swedish high-level visit to ITER is to strengthen relations between the facility and Swedish stakeholders. This will increase the engagement of Swedish industry in ITER, as well as the Swedish support for ITER long-term. This includes showcasing Swedish capabilities that could contribute to the successful construction of the facility. The focus will be on areas where Sweden has world-leading skills, such as power electronics, plasma diagnostics and advanced materials.

Long tradition 

Sweden has a long tradition of fusion energy research, with leading fusion research groups at four of our major universities. Sweden is also starting to engage in technology development for fusion energy and the research at ITER, based on the scientific excellence of the Swedish fusion research groups, as well as on expertise in Swedish industry and the European Spallation Source in Lund.

Rapid technological development

Technological advances at ITER could also benefit Swedish industry. Globally, there is an ongoing movement towards building prototypes for smaller scale fusion reactors – many of them using the technologies developed for ITER. There is large public and private investment in fusion technology and infrastructure, and there are strong international partnerships. Sweden aims to play a role in technological development and engineering for nuclear fusion, and engagement in ITER is our main way of achieving that.


– Håkan Åkesson, H.E. Ambassador of Sweden in France

– Annika Stål, Trade Commissioner of Sweden to France, Business Sweden

– Kjell Möller, Chair of Big Science Sweden Steering Committee

– Representatives from the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova and the Swedish Research Council.

– Representatives from Hitatchi Energy, AQ Group, Coorstek and Fagerström Industrikonsult

– Swedish research leaders in fusion research from Chalmers and Uppsala University

– Representatives from Research Institutes of Sweden, RISE

– Representatives from the Swedish Embassy, Business Sweden and Big Science Sweden.

Participation by invitation only.

Big Science Sweden

We are Sweden’s Industrial Liaison Office (ILO), linking Swedish industry, universities and research institutes with the Big Science research organisations. Big Science Sweden focuses on high-tech contributions that drive research, innovation, and international collaboration.
We are funded by The Swedish Research Council and Vinnova.

Business Sweden

Business Sweden is commissioned by the Swedish Government and industry to help Swedish companies grow global sales and to encourage international companies to invest and expand in Sweden.

More information

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Programme Director


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