Focused Technical Workshop  Vacuum Technology

Focused Technical Workshop Vacuum Technology

Thursday, 13 January 2022 08:30 - 10:30

Welcome to our Focused Technology Workshop on 13 January, which will feature an introduction to vacuum technology and its applications.

Join us at this event, and learn more about vacuum technology and its applications in different industries.

This workshop will offer a general introduction to vacuums – what they are and how they are used. Design and manufacturing technologies for production of vacuum components will be discussed, and the final after-treatment and cleaning process will be described.

If your company is looking to gain a foothold in new markets, this event offers a great opportunity to find out more about vacuum technology and its uses, and to make new contacts in this field.

A morning event for companies working generally with vacuums, and industrial companies interested in welding and manufacturing vacuum components.

Discussion topics:

  • Vacuums: General introduction
  • Applications: Accelerators, surface treatment, food industry, semi-conductors, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
  • Design and manufacturing: ISO standards, manufacturing, and welding
  • After-treatments: Cleaning, baking, degassing, and leak detection

The event is online. Login details will be sent on registration.

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