Academic infrastructures for industrial development

Academic infrastructures for industrial development

Wednesday, 5 May 2021 14:00 - 17:00

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Successful research and technical development requires access to a strong research infrastructure, and there is currently unexploited potential in the use of advanced instruments for materials research in industrial development projects. Collaboration between industry and academia is the answer.

Big Science Sweden and the ÅMA Ångström Materials Academy at Uppsala University will be holding a seminar on research infrastructure for industrial development. Representatives from selected research infrastructures and industrial companies are invited to share information and discuss the instruments that are available in universities, the type of materials challenges each instrument is appropriate for, and how to gain access to each instrument.

Round table discussions with the speakers will be held between 16:30 and 17:00. You will be able to choose the discussion you wish to join. 


14:00 Welcome and introduction

14:10 Research infrastructure and industrial development: the missed opportunity. Fredrik Engelmark, ILO for CERN and Ernesto Gutiérrez, Collaboration and Business Developer, Big Science Sweden and UU

14:25 Applied mechanics laboratory: a virtual guided visit and examples of collaboration with industry. Kristofer Gamstedt, Professor, Peter Bergkvist, Project coordinator, Applied Mechanics, UU

14:45 New possibilities with X-ray science: how research and industry can benefit from it. Håkan Rensmo, Professor, Physics, UU

15:05 Strech your legs

15:15 Innovative Materials Arena-IMA: equipment and competence. Linda Robinson, Material expert & senior advisor, IMA and ESS

15:35 Electron Paramagnetic Resonans-EPR: what is it for and examples of academia-industry projects. Ping Huang, Researcher, Molecular biomimetics; Photosynthesis group, UU

15:55 New materials for energy storage challenges: experiments at research facilities MAX IV, DESY and ISIS. William Brandt, Assistant professor, Structural Chemistry, UU

16:15 Final reflections

16:30 Round table discussions with the speakers