Teledyne SP Devices
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Teledyne SP Devices

Teledyne SP Devices designs and manufactures world- leading modular data acquisition and signal generation instruments. Our products utilize patented calibration logic, the latest data converters, and state-of-the-art FPGA technology resulting in an unrivalled combination of high sampling rate and resolution. Products are available with a range of application-specific features and embedded, real-time signal processing. This helps our customers to overcome performance bottlenecks, shortens time-to-market, and provides system-level advantages within a wide range of application areas. SP Devices’ products are employed across a wide variety of industries, including analytical instruments, remote sensing, scientific instrumentation, medical imaging, and more.

Core Competences

  • Test and measurement
  • Data acquisition and signal generation
  • Hardware, firmware, and software design and implementation
  • System-level design and implementation

Industry Sectors

  • Particle physics
  • Radio astronomy
  • Free-electron lasers
  • Medical Fusion


Teledyne SP Devices is a trusted supplier to a wide range of industries and applications. Our data acquisition and signal generation products are deployed in industrial and research facilities across the world and examples include the neutron time-of-flight (nTOF) facility at CERN, multiple synchrotron, free-electron laser, and fusion facilities world-wide as well as airborne radar systems for Saab and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Our products are also integrated in system-level solutions by major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) from multiple industry sectors.

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Procurement categories

- Electrical Engineering and magnets
- Electronics and radio frequency

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Dr. Sven-Christian Ebenhag