29 February 2024

Doctorate for Max Collins, Business Developer at Big Science Sweden

Max Collins, who joined our team in spring 2023, has recently defended his doctoral dissertation on the design, optimisation and control of high-power klystron modulators.

At Big Science Sweden, Max Collins works in the electronics field.


Since 2013, Max has been working on high-power electronics in a collaboration project between the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University (LTH) and ESS. 

“I had the chance to be involved from Day 1, and contributed to developing the underlying theory, design, and the first prototypes. Since then, I’ve continued to be involved throughout the development, serial production, installation, and commissioning of the modulators used at ESS today.

“During the project, I spent a lot of time in various research environments, both at Big Science facilities and in industry – an exciting and rewarding time.”

”Design and control of Long-Pulse High-Power Klystron Modulators” Read here

Power electronics

As Business Developer at Big Science Sweden, Max works in the electronics field, identifying technology development projects and business opportunities at facilities such as ITER and ESS.

“There’s a great need for power electronics at Big Science facilities. At LTH, collaborating with RISE and AQ Elautomatik, we’re currently running a power converters R&D project together with ITER. In time, we hope this development will lead to future business opportunities at ITER for Swedish companies, as well as further assignments in the field of fusion technology.”

Big Science Sweden

Catarina Sahlberg, Programme Director of Big Science Sweden, appreciates Max, who has quickly become a valuable team member with great knowledge of the challenges in the Big Science world.

“It’s a privilege to work with Max, who brings great technical expertise to the BiSS team. It’s fantastic to see the results of his work. He’s a true “force of nature”, someone who never shies away from a challenge and who always delivers, whatever he takes on.”

Catarina and the entire Big Science Sweden team congratulate Max on his doctorate!