26 October 2021

Doctorate for Mike Olsson, Technical Expert at Big Science Sweden

Mike Olsson joined the team in 2021, while he was in the final stages of completing his PhD thesis. He completed his doctorate in early summer 2021, with the academic defence of his doctoral thesis Machinability of Single-Phase Materials.

The Technical Experts at Big Science Sweden work in different fields of technology. They contribute specialist expertise when supporting companies that are aiming to win orders from research facilities around Europe.

Theory and practice in an exciting mix

Research facilities such as CERN, MAX IV, and ESS have long been looking for suppliers with expertise in single-phase materials such as tungsten, niobium, pure copper, and molybdenum. These needs influenced the direction of Mike’s PhD studies.

“I’ve been able to explore theoretical studies in materials science and been involved in practical tests. I’ve also talked with people in industry, visited the research facilities, and learned more about their needs. It’s been an exciting mix.”

Anna Hall, Director Big Science Sweden, values Mike’s knowledge and experience.

“We congratulate Mike on his doctorate. We’re so happy to have him in our team,” she says. “Mike already has a fantastic network within the Big Science system, and this is extremely useful for us and for Mike in his new role.”

Great interest in pure copper and tungsten

Initiatives by, for example, Big Science Sweden have increased the interest of Swedish companies in developing their competencies regarding single-phase materials, and in entering new markets.

“We’re now seeing a need for greater knowledge regarding machining of pure copper, and CERN has signalled a desire to get into contact with companies and researchers that can contribute knowledge on machining of tungsten,” explains Mike.