Webinar on ESS, MAX IV, and Sweden’s way forward

Webinar on ESS, MAX IV, and Sweden’s way forward

Thursday, 22 October 2020 10:00 - 12:00

Digital/stream, link will be sent after registration, (Google maps)

ESS/MAX IV OFFICE • ESS and MAX IV are two of the world’s most advanced research facilities. They are located in Sweden, which offers great opportunities but also brings challenges in a number of areas.

During the spring, the ESS/MAX IV office was set up, the joint national coordination function under the auspices of the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova. The office is now inviting participants to a digital conference at which they will explain how the facilities bring both opportunities and challenges for Sweden.

The conference will be a mix of presentations, interviews, and panel discussions with people in strategically important positions, ensuring a lively and dynamic event with different perspectives.

Issues that will be taken up include how the facilities can help to solve current and future societal challenges, and how they can stimulate innovation and transition in the business community.

We will also hear more about the work of the ESS/MAX IV office.

The target group is broad. The conference is aimed at representatives from academia, the business community, or the public sector who have some connection with ESS and/or MAX IV, but anyone who is simply curious and wants to find out more is also welcome.

Programme and registration

The programme will be updated continually on the following webpage, where you can also register for the event:

Webinar on ESS, MAX IV, and Sweden’s way forward