Focused Technical Workshop  Remote Handling 2022

Focused Technical Workshop Remote Handling 2022

Tuesday, 18 October 2022 09:00 - 11:00

This technical workshop will give an overview of remote handling activities at the ITER, ESS and CERN. The presentations will describe the types of company profiles that are interesting when the facilities are looking for suppliers. There will also be an update on the upcoming procurements in remote handling.

Remote handling is a common and important operation in large-scale research facilities. 'Remote handling' is defined as  manipulations and operations performed from a distance, by crane, robot, or other technological solution. Reliable solutions are paramount, since the remote handling may take place in radioactive environments or extremely confined areas, and may involve the manipulation of heavy or sensitive components. Another area of expertise is camera inspection combined with remote navigation. 

Join us for constructive discussions about Remote Handling and discover new business opportunities.



Welcome and Introduction

Catarina SahlbergProgramme Director Big Science Sweden, and Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) for ESS


European development program for ITER Remote Handling and next opportunities for industries in Remote Handling for nuclear fusion

Carlo DamianiProgramme Manager, Remote Handling, ITER-D, F4E




ESS update – ACF (Active Cells Facility) & cutting trials

Carwyn JonesWork Package Manager for Remote Handling Systems at ESS


Robotics activities at CERN - Simulation and best practices for remote maintenance

Luca Rosario BuonocoreRobotics Engineer at Mechatronics, Robotics and Operation section at CERN


Concluding remarks