Partner Event in Lund • BigScience@LU 2020

Partner Event in Lund • BigScience@LU 2020

Thursday, 5 November 2020 09:00 - 16:00

LINXS Workshop room, 5th floor
Ideon Delta 5 Scheelevägen 19, Lund (Google maps)

The annual BigScience@LU event will be held on 5 November 2020 at LINXS Ideon and online via Zoom. This promises to be a day filled with inspiration, networking, and ecosystem building, involving the research community at Lund University, the facilities ESS, MAX IV, CERN, and ITER, and Swedish companies.

The central question of this workshop will be: Defining areas of strength for Lund University in Big Science

Last year’s conference focused on gathering proposals from the Lund University perspective for the upcoming Government Bill on Research. We will also be discussing the outcome of this.

Some speakers at the event

Sven Lidin, Anna Hall (Director, Big Science Sweden), Anders Hamsten (Swedish Govt.), Mikaela Rapp (Head of Office for ESS and MAX IV, VR), Heiner Linke, Mats Lindroos (ESS), Pedro Fernandes Tavares (MAX IV), and many researchers at LU involved in delivering Big Science

Why attend BigScience@LU?

Big Science facilities are not only important as major research tools for academia. The actual building and upgrading of these facilities drives the development of new, cutting-edge technologies and processes. This new technology not only boosts the Big Science community but can often be used in unrelated research areas and may have major impact on other societal challenges and innovation.
There are multiple benefits for academia when engaging in contributions to the upstream delivery of technology to Big Science facilities - scientific, technological and societal. Another possible benefit is new collaboration with industries that manufacture products used in Big Science.
This workshop focuses on Lund University's past, present, and future involvement in upstream delivery to Big Science facilities, lifting questions such as:
What is Lund University's track record in boosting Big Science, and what are our main strengths?
In which additional areas do we want to develop over the next ten years? How do we ensure a steady flow of expertise and skills, and educate the right students?
How do we both attract and maintain the right expertise at the university when the needs of these facilities fluctuate over time and development cycles?
How should we tackle the national issue of in-kind delivery to Big Science projects?
This event is co-hosted by Lund University, Big Science Sweden, and LINXS

Practical Information

  • The event can be attended digitally or in person
  • On-site presence is limited to 20 people due to the national recommendations and the size of the venue. On-site places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  • The "workshop" element will be held over lunch
  • If you live in Lund, you can register to have lunch delivered to you.
  • The Zoom-link will be sent out to all participants after the registration deadline, which is October 28.

Register and more information here.