Where are all the women in Big Science?

Where are all the women in Big Science?

Wednesday, 31 January 2024 12:15 - 13:00

Swedish Big Science Forum at Stadshallen, Botulfshörnan
Stortorget 9, 222 23 Lund, (Google maps)

Where are all the women? Why is the situation like it is? What can help bring about change? What do academia, the research facilities, and industry have to say on the matter? What can we as individuals do?

There is broad consensus that gender equality stimulates development and introduces new perspectives, but progress in this area is slow. We need more women in Big Science (and in many other areas) in order to make better decisions, to avoid missing out on important specialist expertise, and to create gender-equal work environments that promote creativity and innovation.

In our lunch debate, Anne-Charlotte Joubert (ESS), Tomas Brage (Lund University), Barbro Åsman (Stockholm University/CERN), and Giuliana Manzin (ILL) will be sharing their knowledge and experiences of the gender imbalance, bringing different perspectives to the discussion.


Frida Tibblin Citron, Big Science Sweden


Complimentary sandwich wrap (NB. limited number).


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Swedish Big Science Forum

The panel debate is an agenda item at the international conference, Swedish Big Science Forum, 31/1 -1/2 2024, but is also open to the public in Lund. 

The Forum gathers representatives from international research facilities, universities, and industry, and focuses on challenges and opportunities relating to future business, projects, and collaborations within Big Science. 


Panel Debate

Anne-Charlotte JoubertGrant Officer, ESS

Tomas BrageProfessor of Physics, Lund University

Barbro ÅsmanProfessor Emeritus, Stockholm University/CERN

Giuliana ManzinHead of Design and Calculation Department, ILL - Institut Laue Langevin

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External Relations Manager


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