Introducing high-energy X-rays  for fundamental and applied materials science

Introducing high-energy X-rays for fundamental and applied materials science

Thursday, 11 November 2021 10:30 - 16:30

Clarion Hotel Malmö Live
Dag Hammarskjölds torg 2, 211 18 Malmö, (Google maps)

By providing a range of examples from ongoing research, the seminar aims to give researchers who are unfamiliar with using synchrotrons an insight into research possibilities – especially when using the PETRA III Swedish materials science beamline.

After the welcome and introduction, the seminar is organised into four sessions:

  1. Degradation of materials

  2. Characterisation on various length scales

  3. Industry needs

  4. Looking forward


10.00 • Coffee on arrival

10:30 • Welcome and information: Swedish materials research possibilities at the PETRA III Swedish beamline: Past and the future – Martin Fisk (Malmö University), Peter Hedström (CeXS, KTH)

Session 1 – Degradation of materials

10.55 • Hydrogen embrittlement of duplex steels probed by hard X-rays – Alfred Larsson, Lund University

11:20 • HESXRD and the oxidation of Ir(100) – Lindsay Merte, Malmö University

11:45 • Lunch

Session 2 – Characterisation on various length scales

13.00 • Interactive reciprocal space mapping with high-energy surface X-ray diffraction – Gary Harlow, Malmö University

13.25 • Deformation behaviour of cast iron studied on multiple-length scale – Johan Hektor, Malmö University

13:50 • High-energy X-ray nano-imaging/diffraction – Pablo Villanueva, Lund University

14:15 • Characterisation of implants in bone with multimodal X-ray methods – Silvia Galli, Malmö University

14:40 • Coffee

Session 3 – Industry needs

15:00 • Future needs of the Nordic metal industry sector – Magnus Fredriksson, Alfa Laval

15:25 • Tetra Pak research needs – Martin Adell

Session 4 – Looking forward

15:50 • CeXS vision for materials community research at PETRA – Peter Hedström, CeXS, KTH

16:10 • Discussion       

16:30 • End of workshop

CeXS in brief

Sweden has a number of infrastructures that provide researchers with access to highly advanced, specialist facilities. Some facilities are supported by other countries. In Germany, a joint Swedish-German collaboration provides Swedish researchers with access to the PETRA III facility for experiments using ultra-high-energy X-rays.

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