How to respond to Big Science procurements – a guide

How to respond to Big Science procurements – a guide

Tuesday, 27 February 2024 14:00 - 14:45

Join us online for an effective 45-minute meeting at which you will find out more about how to register in the research facilities’ databases and how to prepare a tender.

Adam Wikström (Big Science Sweden) will be showing you how our handy guide – BiSS Lathund – How to Register and Submit Bids – will  be useful when you are submitting a tender.

Hemi Heating and Big Science tenders 

Joining us will be Sören Christensen, Sales Manager at Hemi Heating, a member company that has won a number of orders from different research facilities. Hemi Heating offers a broad range of heating products with associated temperature control for research facilities and manufacturing industry.

Sören will be sharing his experiences of submitting tenders to Big Science facilities. What was important at the tender stage when winning the contracts, and what has he learned from tenders that were not successful?

NB. Please note that this event will be held in Swedish.



Introduction and presentation of the BiSS guide to procurements

Adam WikströmBig Science Sweden


Experiences of submitting tenders to Big Science facilities

Sören ChristensenHemi Heating



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